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Reliability and Quality: Every Roof, Every Repair, Every Time.


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New Roofs

We can replace your existing roof or install a complete new roof on an extension or new build.


Fixing leaking gutters and replacing old, tired looking guttering is one of our most common requests.

Roof Repairs

Loose, broken or missing roof or ridge tiles, water leaks and damp patches: we’ll find and fix them.

Fascias & Soffits

Replace all your tired looking and often rotten soffits, fascias and bardge boards with new UPVC.

Flat Roofs

We are specialists in installing modern reliable and leak free flat EDPM rubber roofs and flat GRP fiberglass roofs.

Roof Repairs

If you have any issues with your roof, it needs to be sorted as quick as possible if you want to avoid a much bigger and expensive repair. Quite often, repairs are a precursor to having to have your roof replaced, but that expense can be prolonged if repairs are carried out quickly and professionally.

Whatever issues you are having with your roof, Vale Roofers are able to provide a solution that meets your requirements and budget. We will never advise you to have any work carried out that isn’t necessary, and are able to extend the life of your current roof by doing the job properly.

Damp patch water leak - roof repairs

Leaks and Water Ingress

Identifying the source water ingress is often difficult, especially when the possible causes are only viewable a couple or more storys high and inaccessible. Even professional roofing businesses sometime struggle to locate the source of small but persistent damp patches on interior walls, but are generally experienced enough to locate the source and carry our a suitable repair instead of some roofers attempting to address the problem by carrying out unnecessary and expensive, much larger or multiple repairs.

If you have any problems with water ingress, whether it’s just a small mouldy damp path or you can actually see water coming through the roof, Vale Roofers Evesham can help, we provide free no-obligation roof inspections and quotes, and you can trust us to give you honest advice and never to suggest more work needs to be carried out than is absolutely necessary.

Broken or Missing Slates and Tiles

Slipped or broken roof tiles or slates need to be fixed urgently: at the latest as soon as you spot them but ideally from being spotted from a regular roof inspection as they will be leaking, and the longer making a repair is left, the more damage will occur and hence a much bigger repair bill.

Although roof slates and roof tile generally last for decades they are exposed to the extreme changes of the British weather and some will fail a long time before the whole roof need replacing. Rusted fixings combined with high winds are the most regular causes of failure. Vale Roofers Evesham can come out quickly to repair any roof damage, we can also carry out roof inspections to minimise and possibly prevent expensive roof repairs.  

Missing or broken tiles and slates - roof repair services by Vale Roofers Evesham - covering South Worcestershire the Cotswols and North Gloucestershire
Ridge tiles that need repairs - Vale Roofers Evesham Cotswolds

Ridge Tiles

Ridge tiles are installed at the highest point of a roof and receive the brunt of the extremes of British weather: the highest temperatures, frozen in the lowest temperatures, high winds and plenty of rain. It is common for ridge tiles to become loose or dislodged which inevitably results in water infiltration.

Mortar securing the ridge tiles deteriorates over time and once it becomes porous the water it absorbs freezes and accelerates the issue.

Vale Roofers can address these common ridge tile issues, we can assess the condition of ridge tiles, repair or replace damaged tiles, re-bed and re-point the mortar if necessary, and ensure that the ridge tiles are properly secured to maintain the integrity of the roof and prevent leaks.

Chimney Repairs

Crumbling mortar and failing of the seal between the flashing a brickwork or roofing slates or tiles are the main problem with chimneys. If left without any remedial work chimneys are often the source of water ingress and water getting into the mortar and freezing can soon cause major problems. Bricks can become dislodged and the chimney can even collapse in extreme cases.

If you can spot any damage or have any issues with your chimney, Vale Roofers Evesham provide free no-obligation roof inspections and quotes. Feel free to call us and arrange a day and time for us to visit.  

Chimney repairs cotswolds by Vale Roofers Evesham and Stratford upon Avon

No Call-Out Charges – Free No-Obligation Quotes

Why Choose Vale Roofers?

We realise that you have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a roofing company to either install a new roof or carry out a repair. Some of those companies are going to be great, some you will wish you had never called, and some won’t even bother turning up when they said they would.

We are confident that Vale Roofers fall into the first category, and that after you have experienced our commitment to providing the best service we can, at the best price we can, you will never have any hesitation in using our services next time you require a roofer, and you will be more than confident that you will have no hesitation in recommending us to your friends and family.

Vale Roofers are a local family run business committed to providing top quality customer service and top quality workmanship. If you give us the opportunity to view your requirements, we will give you our best professional advice and our best priced, no-obligation quotation.

A Few of Our Great Reviews

Fast & Efficient Repair

Jimmy was quick to respond to my panicked call when our flat roof extension was leaking into the kitchen.  He quickly found the problem area, but replaced the whole of the old felt roof with a new rubber roof ensuring that we would not experience any further leaks in the future.

Dale M.

Honest & Reliable

I called Vale Roofers when our gutter started leaking.  All it needed was a new fixture, which Jimmy replaced the next day. He also cleaned out the gutters and checked all the other joins whilst on site.  I’m extremely grateful that he was honest and did this minor repair without trying to tell me I needed the whole lot replacing.  Highly recommended and will definitely use again should the need arise.

Harry J.

Excellent Aesthetic Appearance

We recently had all of our Soffits, Fascia’s and Cladding replaced.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how it’s turned out and the difference it’s made to the appearance of our property.

Mrs S G.

New Roof

We recently moved into an old property and had the whole roof replaced by Vale Roofers for a reasonable price.  From the initial enquiry to the end invoice they were polite and professional throughout and left my property clean and tiday at the end of each day.

Mark H.

Excellent Work

Excellent work.  Very happy with the price. Would definitely use again and highly recommend.

Jon H.

Reliability and Quality: Every Roof, Every Repair, Every Time.

No Call-Out Charges – Free No-Obligation Quotes

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